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How to Make Up In Your Forties – 40’s Women Makeup Tips

How to Make Up In Your Forties

How to Make Up In Your Forties

Beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder-and that is you, every time you look at your self in the mirror and apply make-up. But there is more to making-up than meets the eye.

All women, over a certain age, should wear a tinted foundation over moisturizer. Foundation not only helps even out a blotchy skin tone, it also acts as a canvas for the rest of the make-up. Powder comes into its own too, both the loose variety, to set foundation, and a compact of pressed powder for touching up during the day. Both should be colorless – usually called translucent. The golden rule is to match your foundation to your skin tone.

Use powder as an invisible topping. Its folly to think you can blot out mistakes in foundation choice by dusting on lashings of colored powder. Around the age of forty, eyes start to need definition rather than heavy make-up. It is very important to keep eyebrows neat and tidy; regular tweezing is necessary. The rule is that the brow should start directly above the inner corner of the eye and stop at the point where a pencil slanted from the side of your nose past the outer corner of your eye meets the brow. Make sure the outer end of your brow is as high as the starting point and check that the highest point of the curve is immediately above the iris. If you are thinning the whole arch, always pluck from underneath, never above.

With definition in mind, you need a grey or brown pencil to out line eyelids, to help make lashes look thicker. Start at the top and draw a fine line, keeping as close to the base of the lashes as you can. You might find it easier to transfer the color to a fine brush which can edge in really close to the lashes. Define under the eye too, but not too much – just at the outer corners and in slightly, about one third of the way along; then blur the line with the finger tip.

Eye Shadow Make up

How to Make Up for Eye

How to Make Up for Eye

Take an eye shadow, in much the same color tone as the pencil. Use it to ring the crease of the eyelid, where the eyebrow bone meets the lid, and right round under the outer corner of the eye. Blur the line until it’s hardly noticeable, and then introduce the first vestige of real color. Remember that browns and grey are for definition only. Use one shadow on the actual lid; another, if you like, as a highlighter right under the eyebrow. Be sure to blend in the colors where they meet, so there are no harsh outlines. Mascara is the next step. Apply one coat sparingly with a moist applicator, and then brush the lashes through using a dry brush.

Fluff blusher on cheeks and, with what is left on the brush, apply a touch of color high up on the sides of the face – winging out from the eyes. This is the simplest and most effective face-lifting trick there is. For the lips, an eye pencil can double as a lip liner. Outline the lips first, and then fill in with lipstick, avoiding pale pinks and true orange color.

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