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Hair Care In Winter



The cold and dry winter can be extremely harmful to your hair. Hair becomes dry dull and brittle during this period of year from the dry inside heat and the dry cold weather outer. Right preventative care need to be taken during these seasons to make sure that your hair does not make damaged.

Winter hair care tips

Put on a scarf, cap or hat to save your hair from the wind and cold, but make it sure that scarf is not as tight as it will restrict circulation in your scalp.

If you need to wash out your hair try to use a dry shampoo.

Avoid taking hot showers. Wash your hair in hot or cool water.

Don’t go out in winters with wet hair. There is probability that your hair might freeze resulting to breaking of hair.

Condition your hair every day.

The most regular mistake people make is washing their hair too often. In cold weather, both the scalp and hair dry out more simply. Don’t shampoo your hair more than one time a day.

You can also take care of your hair with oil massage one or two times in a week Olive oil can effort wonder in reinforce moisture to your hair. Heat up the oil before using and let it to immerse for a time minor than the time you allot for the summer season.

Avoid exposing your hair to numerous coloring, ironing or streaking as they can rob your hair.

Expose your hair to normal drying. Don’t blow dryers your hair in this season. If you want to use, use one with a cover.

Apply a hair spray as you brush your hair, this will take care. Brush slowly moving from the top of head.

Use styling creams in winter season, this will make softer your hair and also decrease the breakage.

A few intensive home made conditioners can also fight with the winter dryness or dullness of hair.

Keep your hair from being broken by whipping in the cold. Use clean-swept up-does in the winter to care for your hair from harm.

After applying best hair conditioner, lock the wetness by running the hair throughout cold water. This locks the moisture in and closes the hair cuticle.


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