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Different Eye Color Tips- Eye Catching Colors

Different Eye Color Tips- Eye Catching Colors



Almost any color scheme goes as long as the color are subtly applied & blended.


One of the most effective color schemes is all over the lid, with beige-brown as a highlighter under the brow. Outline the eye with a grey-brown shade.

Also for dark eyes, consider a combination of pink/blue.

Apply rose shadow on the lid, grey-blue shadow to emphasis the outer half of the lid, & dark grey as a liner.

There is also the grey/copper scheme for dark eyes. Apply silvery-grey

shadow all over the lid, a touch of copper shadow in the centre of the lid, & use dark grey to outline.


Try a mixture of brick/plum colors. Apply the brick tone all over the lid & use the plum shadow to emphasis centre of lid. Use a tawny brown pencil to outline.

A brick/green color scheme also works well for eyes.

Apply pale brick shadow on the lid & a dark green pencil to outline.

For really dark grey eyes, there is the mauve /pink eye. Use mauve shadow on the lid, pale pink as a highlighter under the brow & dark grey, or even black, to outline.


A silver / plum color combination is really effective. Apply plume shadow over the lid, then dust over with silver. Use silver –grey to outline – the darker the better.

Also for blue eyes is the grey/brick combination. Shade the whole lid with brick & cover with grey. To outline, use grey.

For a true blue scheme, apply pale blue over the whole eye area. Use darker blue on the outer half of the lid & a similar shade for outlining the eye. Put a touch of cream highlighter shadow into the extreme inner corner of the lid.

For Hazels Eyes:

There is the brick/turquoise combination, Use pale brick shadow on the inner half of the lid, turquoise on the outer half. Use tawny brown to outline Beige/grey gives a lovely sophisticated subtlety to hazel eyes.

Apply grey-gold shadow all over the eye area, then grey shadow to the lid. Use green to outline. Primrose/green is pretty. Dust primrose shadow on inner half of lid, moss green on outer half. Use dark green to outline.

For Green Eyes:

There is thaw brick /gold scheme. Apply pale gold shadow over the whole eye area, and then dust brick the lid only; use tawny amber to outline.

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