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Bath Time Tips for Women- Sauna Bath Tips and Guide

Bath Time Tips for Women- Sauna Bath Tips and Guide

Woman in towel

Woman in towel


Sauna baths are becoming more popular.

The first effect of a sauna its complete relaxation of body and mind. Through a lowering of blood pressure, mental strain often disappears and the muscles relax the usual pattern is shower, sauna, shower, and relax.

According o the method of heating and the degree of humidity, the sauna can be a steam bath or dry-heat bath. Perspiration usually starts after about 8 minutes, during the first sauna. After 10 to 20 minutes in the sauna, you take a quick shower, starting warm and getting gradually cooler. You then repeat the sauna session. Perspiration breaks out very quickly the second time. After this, you take a cold shower and then relax for at least 30 minutes. By encouraging perspiration, a sauna helps to eliminate toxins and surplus waste from the tissues. Because of the water loss, you may experience a temporary weight loss after a sauna; this will disappear as soon as you eat and drink. Never stay in a sauna too long; this can cause over-fatigue and even fainting. Try a soothing mock sauna at home.


Use two large towels and 1/2 – 1 cupful of herbs; mint and chamomile blend well. Tie the herbs in one or two muslin bags. Make sure the windows and doors are tightly shut, then run the hottest water you can bear in to the bottom pf the bath; suspend the herb bag under the pressure of the tap – to free the fragrance. Soak the towels in the    fragrant water and wring them out.  Run more hot water and get up a good steam. Now wrap yourself, mummy-style, in the hot towels and set on the edge of the bath. When the towels cool off, remove them and relax in a heated room.

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